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Posted on: 07-17 07:10
Fairan Gill
Hello, my name is Fairan Gill, and I am an Intern with the State Historic Preservation Office. I have recently been assigned the task of collecting all the Poor Farms that have and are in the state of West Virginia. If your county has any information about the Poor Farm that could have been located there, it would be greatly appreciated to get ahold of me to help complete this project. Specific things I am looking for about each Poor Farm is location, years the institution was running, if a cemetery is located on the property, and if it still stands today and what it is used for. Thank You.
Posted on: 07-27 11:35
D. Dawson
There was a Poor Farm located near the Pierson farm, located near the quarry used to mine the rock the old court house is made from, the Clay Library would have written records of who lived there, Karen Burdette would have information about the cemetery.


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