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Clay County West Virginia Landmarks Commission and Historical Society
PO Box 363
Clay, WV 25043

Make checks payable to: Clay County Historical Society
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Printed WorkPricing
Up Molasses Mountain$2.00
A Guide to Family History Research & West Virginia History Facts$30.00
Clay County History 1989 Volume I (reprint of original)$75.00
Clay County History - Volume II$75.00
Clay County Cemeteries, 4th Edition$45.00
Clayborne Pierson Papers$20.00
Booger Hole$5.00
Grandad's Stories $20.00
The Brizendines, Richard Brizendine of Essex County 2nd Edition$45.00
The Quicker the Sooner$8.00
West Virginia Paxtons 8 Generations, 1810 - 1977$20.00

Historical society meetings have been rescheduled to the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m.
The media and photograph archives are now back online.
The website may be experiencing a few bugs, due to host software upgrades, we are working to fix any problems that have arisen.

Can anyone identify the man on the left?

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